How, What, Why

Ever since I can remember I have been in love with art, graphic design and communication.
I have made my way through Pop Art and Street Art showing contradictions, vices and shortcomings of our society on dierent
surfaces (walls, wood, canvas or paper) using dierent media (collages, spray paint, markers, chalk, plaster…)
My aim is to use images of popular culture emphasizing the banal, the absurd and the contradictions we live in, with some healthy
humor. Colors are key elements in my art: I play with them to create combinations that claim for attention. I use colors to give
meaning and relevance to specic elements according to the message I want to convey. I want people to pause and possibly
reect about the message, or even just to smile because of what they see while looking at my works.


I was born on June 23rd 1976 in Modena, Italy. My grandfather was a painter himself and was able to nourish that passion for art and painting which is so part of myself today. Enthralled by his skills and his ability to draw and to create art out of every surface, it was then, when I also started to paint.
I was attracted by all kinds of art expressions, communication techniques and graphic design. Since my rst steps into the world of art and creativity, I found myself in line with the Pop Art movement mostly because of its freedom of the “what, how and why” to do art; Street Art was also became attractive to me because of the interaction of the art pieces with the environment.
I am also very much passionate about computer science and I started coding and writing software at the age of 10/11 years old. Soon I was using software tools to extend creative processes (graphic designs, video making, web animations…).
In 1994 I started painting more and more with oils and acrylic. During the spring of 2000 I did my rst stencil on the streets of Modena.
In 2006 I founded a fashion label (Barboni Di Lusso) for which I started as I was chief of Marketing and Communication and later on I became CEO for the same brand. In 2012 I left the company and I started to work again with spray paint, brushes and screen printing stu to start back my career as a painter. After two years of hard work I had my rst solo show in Modena and later the same year my rst solo show in Milan at Fuorisalone during the Design Week and Fiera Del Mobile (Milan furniture fair, one of the most important events for design and furniture world-wide).

My Dates

04/2014 -> First Solo Show in Modena
04/2014 -> Solo Show in Milan during Fuorisalone (Milano Design Week)
02/2015 -> 2nd Solo Show Modena, Stracaè
04/2015 -> Solo Show in Milan during Fuorisalone (Milano Design Week)
12/2015 -> Someday … Solo Show Modena, Calle 9
02/2016 -> Someday… Solo Show in Milan during Fuorisalone

(Milano Design Week)

10/2016 -> WornOut… Terminator Gen, Solo Show in Modena
06/2017 -> Art Basel – The Art Box Project Collective Show

(seminalist at the competition)

03/2018 -> Art Box Project – New York Collective Show

(seminalist at the competition)
05/2018 -> Popping Gum – Solo show Modena
02/2019 -> Bottega Del Rinascimento – Collective Show – Abate Road
09/2019 -> Festival della Filosoa, Modena – Collective Show – Abate Road
11/2019 -> Who Is To Blame For The Riots – Solo Show Modena